120 D.A.S. Reef Tank

The tank is maunufactured by Dutch Aquarium systems. It contains an in tank filter system unit by D.A.S. which also contains a protein skimmer. Lighting was upgraded to 1 Icecap 660 ballast which powers four 3-foot URI VHO bulbs and the "no-name" ballast which powers one 3-foot URI Super Actinic and one 2-foot URI Super Actinic. Since the system is against the wall I had a problem with heat building up in the top of the cabinet with the lid in place. I installed a small fan to push the air around and it has done wonders for the temperature in the cabinet while the lights are on. I also have a heater and two maxi-jet MP900's for circulation.

The tank was set up in September of 2001. Initial setup included all equipment listed as well as the curing of 100 pounds of Fiji rock. The tank cycled for a couple of months before the first inhabitants were introduced. The first items to be added were a cleaner package from Saltwaterfish.com, which included:

25 Scarlet Reef Hermits
35 Blueleg Hermits
25 Turbo Snails
1 Sally Lightfoot Crab
1 Cucumber
5 Peppermint Shrimp
3 Brittle Stars
4 Emerald Crabs

The next inhabitant to be added was a yellow tang. "Juno" who is still around and doing well. The next fish added to the tank was a medium sized Naso tang which was added the second week in November. This fish was my first loss. After about a month it came down with a case of ick. I was a little late in getting it into a hospital tank, in which I was going to treat with Cupramine, a copper-based treatment. A few days later the Naso died. After some investigation into why my treatment did not work I realized the problem was with my new 5-gallon hospital tank that I purchased at Pets Mart which came with a small drip filter that hung on the back. The filter packet contained carbon which was absorbing the copper treatment as quickly as I was putting it in. My Naso never got full exposure and paid the price. I learned a good lesson, treat with hyposalinity.